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What We Provide

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Concrete Sealing

Forever Sealed Concrete Sealant is not a top coating that will eventually wear off. Our sealant penetrates into the concrete to create a hardened and permanent barrier.


This clear sealant can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications, such as driveways, sidewalks, garages, patios, basement floors, pool decks and any other concrete surface!

With our concrete sealant, we're not on it, we're in it!And it's backed by an exclusive 25-year guarantee.


The Forever Sealed Difference


​Here's what our special sealer can do for your concrete:

  • Eliminates water leakage

  • Reduces sweating

  • Prevents dusting, pitting, and scaling due to salt

  • Guards against stains (including oil)

  • Increases concrete strength up to 23%

  • Is environmentally friendly

  • Seals, weatherproofs, hardens, and preserves most concrete surfaces

  • Penetrates 0.5 to 1.5 inches deep in the concrete and forms an internal seal and water barrier

  • Holds a hydrostatic head which significantly reduces dampness, mold, rutting, and dusting

  • Protects steel within the concrete from corrosion

  • Uniformly cures, improves resistance to spot drying and hair checking

  • Provides a prepared surface for better bonding of concrete toppings, adhesives, and paints

  • Requires just a one-time application

  • Can be applied from the inside of a structure

  • Extends the life of paint, concrete toppings, and adhesives

  • Slows oils, grease, acids, and salts from penetrating and breaking down the concrete

  • Densify and hardens concrete permanently

  • Reduces breeding environment for harmful bacteria

  • Reduces disagreeable odors

  • Provides a nonslip surface

  • Will not alter color, texture, or any other physical characteristic of the concrete surface

  • Leaves a natural finish without a film or membrane

  • May be applied as soon as forms are removed from new concrete


Simple Wash (Power Washing)

Has your home or property seen better days?
On top of sealing we offer a "power washing only" service as well. Schedule a simple wash today and completely rejuvenate your property!

Power washing is an absolutely amazing way to revitalize the beauty of every portion of your home or business. You and your family should be able to take pride in the look of your residence

Our pressure washers can clean every exterior surface of your home. Our efforts will allow you and your family to enjoy your property to the utmost. The results will look spectacular. Here are just a few of the surfaces we routinely can power wash:

  • Driveways

  • Siding

  • Walkways

  • Sidewalks

  • Patios

  • Decks

  • Fences

  • Vinyl

  • Stucco

  • And Much More

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Wood Sealing

We can protect and preserve the life of decks, docks, fences, and many other wood surfaces with our Wood Sealant. Our sealant is backed with a 25-year exclusive guarantee!!


Our clear, penetrating sealant is for use on any new or existing wood surfaces. It is 100% environmentally-safe!

Our sealant chemically reacts with wood to create a permanent, hardened barrier beneath the top surface which prevents moisture from penetrating. It also increases the density and strength of new or existing wood.


No other sealant can match its unparalleled protection, which is why we guarantee it for 25 years.

There are numerous advantages to applying our Forever Sealed Sealant!

  • Environmentally safe

  • A one-time application procedure

  • Leaves a clear, natural finish without a surface membrane

  • Enhances the grain in wood

  • Provides a surface for better bonding of varnish, paint, stains, and adhesives

  • Seals, waterproofs, preserves, and hardens wood

  • Penetrates the wood and forms an internal seal

  • Does not change the physical characteristics of the wood

  • Slows seepage, dampness, mold, fungus, and warping

  • Results in a nonslip surface

Roof Cleaning
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